I am Didi Taihuttu, aka the man who sold everything he had  for bitcoins. After having lived a life of 80 hrs workweeks and not seeing my kids grow up I decided to change life. Why? Because my father (61 years) and mother (48 years) both died on a young age I realized life could go fast and I needed to start enjoying life and my family more than my job. I started in crypto in 2012 by mining Bitcoins and after the death of my father in jan 2016,  I sold my companies, house, cars and went all-in Bitcoin. We all know what bitcoin did after.

Nowadays I spend my days as ICO advisor, crypto evangelist, writer, speaker and our family has grown into “the Bitcoin Family”. Crypto, trading and writing are my only source of income. I support the monetary revolution to the max and fully enjoy this (r)evolution. Crypto and Blockchain will change the world in a way that people can’t imagine! One of my passions is helping people with changing their current life, which often feels like a rat race,  into a life with passion and freedom while traveling the world.


What led you in Cryptocurrency?

I started in Cryptocurrency in 2012 when a friend told me about BTC. I started mining bitcoins and after the first crash from 1200 to 200$ I started to mine dogecoins and a few other alt coins. After this I started trading crypto and at the moment I traded hodl and mine crypto and I am advisors for a few ICO’s and Coins.


What does a typical day look like?

In my opinion every day needs to be an adventure. We travel the world and we are not very structured and we don’t wanna be structured so our day looks different every day but off course there is some structure in our lives as well because no structure is also a structure hahaha. Mostly I get up in the morning and sport. After sport I check my crypto’s, my mails and other messages. Than it’s time for breakfast and afterwards some time for adventure with the kids. In the afternoon I mostly check the news and cryptos again. During the day we vlog and blog and share our life and adventures with our followers because we want to support crypto in any way we can. Evenings I mostly have my Skype calls, check my mining company and results and have some drinks/fun with my wife or friends and talk about everything but crypto hahaha.


What’s your setup?

Because we travel all the time I just have my Iphone, a MacBook Pro and a microsoft surface with me. I trade mostly on Binance and Bittrex but also on cryptopia, livecoin and some other exchanges. I use a ton of apps like Coinstats, kraken, discord, Monaco, Wirex, mister tango, revolution and newsfolio. The last one is nice to keep track of all news on your coins and made by a dutch company.


Which project do you believe in?

I really believe in Bitcoin because in my opinion this is the only real decentralized crypto which never can be stopped. There is no spokesman or foundation behind it which can be reached like with all the other cryptos. ETH has Vitalik, Bitcoin cash has Roger ver etc etc. I am not saying they are bad projects because I like both of them but if it comes to the reason why we need crypto Bitcoin is the only decentralized one that can’t be influenced by teams but only by the market. ICO’s I like are for example the deepaero.com project because it combines artificial intelligence, blockchain and drones. I just stepped into a project called give.io because they make it possible for the more fortunate kids to share their allowance with poor kids. Then there is Decoin.io I like because they are creating an exchange with profit sharing and a creditcard tied to it so you can spend your profits directly without a third company. One very nice projects is Moneytoken.com which makes it possible to spend your bitcoins while you hodl them at the same time. There are so many projects that I like that I could write a book , hahaha.


Any advice you want to give other crypto investors?

The first advice I want to give everybody is that making money shouldn’t be the main reason to be in crypto. The main reason should be to support this amazing monetary revolution! We are taking power back and we are creating a decentralized, transparent and thus more honest world!

Advise to investors: The best advice I can give is that you need to have patience and invest only money you can miss. Yes I went all-in but we as a family agreed on the fact that we can miss it all and start over from scratch when needed. We don’t care if we lose everything but if you do care then only play with money you can afford to lose.

Advise to traders: Again only play with money you can afford to lose and always keep watching the psychology of a market cycle.


Anything you want to promote or plug?

Yes of course I would love to promote our own website www.thebitcoinfamily.net and our European bitcoin tour. I want to promote that we will share all the profits we make with this tour, website, our book etc and show the people with vlogs and blogs that we share these profits with poor people, foundations and crypto education we meet during our travels. Our book will be sold in bookstores from the 30st of June !