Within the crypto space I am better known as Futureminded. In daily life I am an entrepreneur and in December 2017 I decided to take my first steps in crypto.


What led you in Cryptocurrency

I do not know if it was the beginning of 2017 or earlier that crypto came closer to me. I think I had heard a lot earlier about crypto before but never paid any attention to it until many old business partners went into crypto. Every now and then it came closer and I was addressed about it. What mainly stayed with me in these discussions was the possibility of a bit of extra freedom that a regular business generally can not offer. During 2017, I knew at a certain point that I had to do something with it, but it was postponed until Bitcoin became more and more frequently in the news. Apart from that, with every increase I heard the enthusiasm of my friends and the future of crypto. FOMO dominated and completely independent I made my first steps in crypto all by myself.


What does a typical day look like?

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I usually look quickly at the Telegram groups of projects that I am involved in, or have a high interest in, at that moment. Apart from that, I often go through my portfolio. I am an entrepreneur and have my own store at the time of writing. To some extent I have the freedom to deal with crypto in the way that I want it. Furthermore, I do not have a fixed pattern that I keep. I mainly maintain the contacts in the current groups. Here I learn a lot, especially about the developments within crypto. It is mainly a lot of networking and searching for new information. You always find this information with others, but you also have information that others can use properly.


What’s your setup?

  • Coinstats: I tried many portfolios but it came out as the best because it allows me to create separate portfolios. It happens that I invest in a coin that I want to hold short term part and another part long term. This app offers the possibility to separate that per portfolio. I like this app so much that I was willing to pay for it, as this app has a trial version with limits. I really do pay for an app quickly.
  • Telegram: the app to network. Without this app I would not be in crypto where I am now. From certain groups I try to literally read every message that is posted every day. You can get so much valuable information that is able to take you a little further than the day before.
  • Discord: Telegram has my preference. I mainly use Discord because certain projects do not have a Telegram or their contact via Discord is easier for certain type of things, like support.
  • Authy: every exchange that I use, I have secured with 2fa authentication
  • Coinmarketcap: this tool I consult as soon as I have found a new coin. I use it if want to consult historical data or want to see things like supply.
  • I use a number of other apps but I do not want to share them publicly for security reasons

Which project/coin do you believe in?

Generally I believe in every project that I invest in. The amount that I invest in also directly says how much I believe in it. I know people who invest in dozens of projects. Often under the guise of spreading risks. That is less my style. I prefer to invest more in a project that I believe instead of spreading it over dozens of projects. This not only gain more profits when the project grows, but also makes it easier to monitor projects. I keep a close eye on the development in projects in which I have invested, so that I can make any decisions about it. It is easier to focus on 3 projects where you have invested in than 20.

At the moment I am very bullish on Bitcoin Prime. This will be the first Bitcoin platform in the crypto scene. ICOs and smart contracts can in all probability be offered in the near future via this platform, as we know from Ethereum.

The coin that should make this possible is Primecoin. This coin will be forked with Bitcoin into Bitcoin Prime. The beauty of this story is that Ethereum wanted to use Primecoin to build Ethereum, even before it was a platform. The founder saw the benefits of Primecoin but ultimately chose use it anymore. Ethereum now turns out to encounter a number of problems, including scaling problems. A problem that can be solved by the technique that is in Primecoin.


Any advice you want to give other crypto investors?

  • It is important to know exactly what you want to achieve within crypto. Think of the type of knowledge that you want to collect. The amount in money you want to earn etc. Without an exact plan, you eventually will not be fruitful. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.
  • Never be emotionally tied to a coin. This can cause, as an example, that you want to keep collecting at times when it is best to sell
  • Never leave your coins on exchanges
  • Try to discover what kind of investor you are. This can change according to the season in which your life is at that moment. Personally, I mainly see that it is about the following groups: holders, traders or a combination of both
  • Always keep learning and never give up. It is inevitable that you will have to pay tuition fees. But as long as you keep going, there will be times when this will pay off
  • Security: In this area I have some tips but I do not want to share them publicly for security reasons. I can tell you more about it when you join DCI

Anything you want to promote or plug?

That would really be DCI. Make sure you surround yourself with people who are also in crypto. Especially if you want to get serious with it, this is key. I see crypto as a vehicle to give me the life that I have not been able to reach through regular businesses. The right environment is essential. DCI offers this environment. I am sure that you will hear from me again and I will go deeper into the change that crypto really has brought in my life. So I still owe you a nice testimonial. In the making 😉