My name is Inigo, and I’m a 26 year old internet and blockchain entrepreneur. I started out building websites in high school, and this interest in IT and web development led me to choose to study IT in university. Pretty soon I discovered that I love building out my own projects and pursued a master’s degree in entrepreneurship. Directly after, I created my own company: Blockbase with the purpose of trying to figure out what the power of the blockchain is. I’m also a team member of a cryptocurrency called Crown, and I am one of the early board members of DCI. Besides my work and side-projects, I love to go windsurfing and climbing.


What led you into Cryptocurrency?

I think I discovered crypto when Bitcoin just started out in 2013, and mined some early Bitcoins on my laptop. At that time, Bitcoin was only used on the Dark Web and was pretty obscure. I kind of forgot about it altogether, and increasing popularity on the internet got me interested again around 2015. I started reading up on the tech, which really caught my eye. Naturally, I started investing in several cryptos, I think I bought my first ETH around $6. I’m mainly interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain as a techie, but obviously I don’t mind when the price increases.


How does a typical day look like for you?

I have an office 10 minutes away from home that I work from every day. I always start my day responding to support for nodesupply, the main project of Blockbase. Then I mainly work on writing code, improving our systems, and I also do business development a lot. I talk to many founders and developers of coins to see if there is a partnership possible. In the evenings I spend time with the DCI board members, talking about great stuff that we do for our community. We often go to Blockchain talks, meetups and events in our DCI merch! In the weekends I like to be outside as much as I can.


What’s your setup?

For trading, I just use the exchange websites. For charting, I use TradingView and Coinigy. I have Delta as a blockfolio app (beats Blockfolio in my eyes). I code using Sublime Text, but I think I spend most my time typing into the Ubuntu terminal.


Which project/coin do you believe in?

I really like the vision of Crown, which is why I joined the team about a year ago. Crown aims to build a platform where businesses can utilize the blockchain in many ways. This means tackling big problems such as identity management, decentralized cloud-like application performance and decentralized governance. The team is amazingly motivated and the goal of the project is very ambitious. I love how Crown is ‘fair’, it’s not premined, there was no ICO, it’s been growing organically over the past years and the development has been increasing tremendously.

Any advice you want to give other crypto investors?

D.Y.O.R. I can’t stress this enough. Investing into cryptocurrency projects means you have to understand what they want to achieve, and how they are going to achieve this. Is the project actually solving a problem? What’s the team behind it? Who are the developers?
Many people always ask “What’s a good coin to buy now?” and just blindly follow crypto influencers. This can only get you this far. I believe that a large portion of the crypto investors lose money (the mass), and a small group of investors earn well. Don’t follow the mass, DYOR and find that hidden gems yourself.


Anything you want to promote or plug?

I’d like to introduce Blockbase’s main project: You have probably heard of the term “masternodes”. Masternodes are special nodes in the blockchain network, providing specific functions like private and instant transactions and strengthening the network itself. The people running these masternodes are rewarded for their efforts. This makes it an attractive concept for crypto investors.

However, there is a high barrier for people who don’t have a technical background, as it involves setting up and running Linux servers. We try to make it as easy as possible for the user to set up a masternode, and provide an easy to use dashboard and service. We have completely automated the setup process of a masternode. On our website you can just order a masternode, and you pay a monthly fee. We provide very easy guides how to set up your local wallet to run a masternode.

Feel free to check us out!