I’m Jelle van der Steen, 36 years young. I’m in Crypto since 2017, very active and always looking for new interesting Blockchain projects.


What led you in Cryptocurrency

I was always curious about other things off making money. Stocks, Shares, Forex trading etc. And I read and heard a lot about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency’s. For me that was the indicator to learn more about it and invest my first money in it.

There are a lot off use cases in Blockchain, Base layer protocol, Smart contracts, payments, identity, file storage, governance, communications, Virtual reality, gaming, Internet of Things etc.

The world how we now it today is going to change with the new technology off Blockchain. And I want to be a part off it!


What does a typical day look like?

When I wake up I look at my phone, DCI discord, Telegram groups, Blockfolio, and all the news from the night. If I see an opportunity to invest I take the chance.

I analyse coins and after that I invest or not! Most coins I’m in I HODL!

A little part off my portfolio I use too daytrade when I have the time.

After that I try too exercise, Bicycling, Fitness and Basketball to keep myself fit for the upcoming events. I play wheelchairbasketball on high level and I really need too balance sports and Crypto.

My tip: try too balance between Crypto and your life!


What’s your setup?

At this moment I mostly use Telegram, Discord and Whatsapp.

Try too find the good groups with good information and stay away from Pump and Dumps. I’m very happy with the tips and tricks from DCI!

The exchanges I work with nowadays are: Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia, Hitbtc, Waves platform and coinexchange.

The problem is most coins that I want too buy are in early stage so it’s only possible too buy them on a smaller exchange but when they get listed on a bigger one, they will moon!



Which project/coin do you believe in?

My top 5 at this moment is:

  1. Skycoin
  2. Stellar Lumens XLM
  3. Vechain
  4. Augur
  5. Ripple XRP

The only reason that XRP is in my list is because off the banks, they have a big monopoly position and its 10x cheaper too use Blockchain and XRP for payments, so they gonna use it more.

I have a lot more coins in my portfolio with use cases I like!


Any advice you want to give other crypto investors?

  1. Don’t FOMO! Fear off missing out. If a coin already gains a lot don’t buy them and wait for the dip.
  2. Be realistic! Not every coin gains x10. Do a good research and make your own decision.
  3. Protect your coins by save wallets and keep all the data, passwords etc. in a save place.
  4. Be patient! Blockchain is still in his/her infancy, the real growth still has too come.
  5. Only invest with money you can loose!


Anything you want to promote or plug?

At the moment we are starting a new website with a couple off crypto enthousiastics. The website will contain a lot off info: Airdrops, Mining, Blockchain, Blog, Coins etc.
Stay tuned for more. Cryptobieb aims to be a sort off cryptopedia:  www.cryptobieb.nl

We also started with airdrops 3 months ago. For all new projects in blockchain its their way off marketing , you get free coins if you do an airdrop. There are also a lot off scam airdrops so watch out! We get the good ones and promote these true our Telegram.

Feel free to join Cryptobieb airdrops: https://t.me/CryptoBieb_NL_Airdrops