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Sarun Vichayabhai, the mastermind behind the multi-faceted Web3.0 entertainment platform Playbux, offers a glimpse into his journey, the challenges of the Web3.0 landscape, and his unwavering vision to bring Web3.0 technology to the masses.

What drew you toward creating a Web3.0 project? Were you sipping on coffee or tea when that lightning bolt of inspiration struck?

Sarun: My nephew actually introduced me to Web3.0! We were playing Roblox together, and that sparked the idea for a similar but Web3.0-focused platform. From there, we pitched to Binance Labs, and the rest is history. I’m a big tea drinker, so probably that was my fuel at the time!

Can you share a pivotal moment in the development of Playbux that steered you in a new direction? Do you find walking or sitting helps unlock your creativity?

Sarun: Our inspiration came from Roblox, but we recognized that younger users wouldn’t have the financial resources for our platform. That’s when we turned our focus toward making Playbux the entertainment destination for Web3.0 users. Our mantra became “If it’s entertaining, we’ll do it.” I find that I come up with my best ideas when I allow myself to become nothing. Meditation is my process for finding flow and creativity.

What challenges in the Web3.0 space need to be tackled head-on? What keeps you going when faced with obstacles?

Sarun: The biggest challenge for Web3.0 is user onboarding. Without users, the space lacks traction. We need to lower the technical barrier of entry, similar to what Web 2.0 achieved. The dream is to create a seamless Web3.0 experience where users don’t even realize they’re interacting with blockchain technology. My mantra is to become nothing. Nothing in the world can move me, change me, or mean anything to me. That perspective gives me resilience.

How does Playbux set itself apart in the Web3.0 ecosystem?

Sarun: Playbux is a true mass-adoption platform — we have over 17 million registered users! Our focus is on pure entertainment. Unlike other Web3 projects that are narrow in scope, we offer movies, music, trading, DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and much more. It’s a one-stop shop for fun!

Could you describe a breakthrough moment that validated the potential of Playbux? When celebrating those wins, what does that look like?

Sarun: When we reached the top 10 on DappRadar with absolutely zero marketing spend, we knew we were onto something big. We innovated the rewards system for “X to earn” projects, creating a way to reward users without inflating our token. It was a hit! We celebrate wins internally, valuing the freedom and flexibility within Playbux. Everyone can contribute their ideas and see them come to life.

What values guide your decision-making as a founder in the Web3.0 space?

Sarun: At the core, I focus on:

Passion: I encourage everyone in the company to follow their passion. They get to create and execute projects independently, and that fuels dedication.

Hard Work: Everyone needs to be committed and hardworking within their chosen projects.

Focus and Measurement: Tracking metrics helps us identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Improvement: We’re agile. We’re not afraid to analyze flaws and iterate for the better.

How important are community and collaboration for Playbux’s growth?

Sarun: We have one of the biggest communities in Web3.0 and we’re so grateful for their support! We stay actively engaged with them. Collaboration sets us apart — we’ve partnered with major players like VISA, IQIYI, and more. They believe in our vision of bringing Web3.0 to the world.

What advice would you give to budding Web3.0 founders? What drives you daily?

Sarun: Become experimental scientists! Web3.0 is new territory, and innovation is rewarded. Take that first step and then just don’t stop. What drives me is leaving a positive impact on humanity. I want to use Web3.0 to improve people’s lives.