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vincent gramoli

Vincent Gramoli, founder of the groundbreaking Web3.0 project Redbelly, is at the forefront of reshaping the internet with decentralized technologies.

With a passion for democratization and a background in distributed computing, Gramoli offers insights into his journey, the challenges of Web3.0, and the potential for groundbreaking impact.

What inspired you to embark on the journey of creating a Web3.0 project? And between late nights of coding/business development, was your fuel more often coffee or tea?

Vincent: I always had a passion for decentralisation, for me this is how to reach democratisation in our digital economy. As a student I presented the proof of a major impossibility result of distributed computing, called FLP, to my classmates — since then I kept trying to find new solutions that are useful to distributed systems including blockchains.

Can you share a pivotal moment in the development of your project that shaped its direction? And when brainstorming solutions, do you prefer walking around or working behind the desk?

Vincent: The superblock optimisation — we changed the consensus definition used since the 80s to make blockchains scale. Probably in between, I need a physical white board.

What challenges does the Web3.0 space have, and how will the industry overcome them? And when tackling those challenges head-on, what is your mantra?

Vincent: Regulation is a big problem. Redbelly solves it with accountability. My mantra is there is more often a solution to your problem than you think, in most cases you just have to persevere to find it.

How do you envision your project contributing to the evolution of the internet and decentralised technologies?

Vincent: We are lowering the barrier of entry for everyone to trade without borders.

Could you describe a breakthrough or milestone moment that affirmed your project’s potential impact?

Vincent: The support of the Australian government has been instrumental.

And when celebrating those victories — what does that look like?

Vincent: In terms of science, obtaining the first formally verified blockchain consensus was a challenge people thought was impossible, but thanks to the recent advances of research and the expertise of my various co-authors we made it. Celebrating this victory is about going to the most prestigious international conference and presenting it to the most brilliant minds of your field on the planet.

What principles or values guide your decision-making process as a founder in the Web3.0 ecosystem?

Vincent: People, not titles.

What role do community and collaboration play in the development and growth of your Web3.0 project?

Vincent: It is phenomenal. I have been an open source contributor for quite some time, but I am amazed by what our community can achieve.

What advice would you give to aspiring founders looking to make an impact in the Web3.0 landscape? And when sharing these pearls of wisdom, what motivates you each and every day?

Vincent: Coming up with a brilliant idea takes time, so don’t despair, but when you have it, you need to persevere for it to become impactful. Seeing how far an initially theoretical research project can help people.