My name is Bilai, also known as Ronic, a 24 year old student in his final year of Commercial Economics. Apart from my studies and obviously crypto there is an active passion for the current music industry, in which I am also a music producer, songwriter and engineer.


What led you in Cryptocurrency?

I have always known about Bitcoin since the early days, but it hadn’t peeked my interest simply because I knew too little about it. Its complex nature didn’t help at all, but my interest was peeked at the pivotal moment for many in this industry, 2017’s major price surge. There was money to be made, and I liked the sound of it, a lot. Bitcoin was about to hit $5000 and the fear of missing out was evident. Especially after a broadcasted documentary on Tv of this 22 year old Crypto trader that had become a millionaire.

It was that October when I finally decided to hit up Youtube and Google to discover everything I could about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I started looking for online communities and forums where I could see others in the scene and learn from the knowledge others wanted to share. Luckily this is how I ended up finding the first few members of this great crypto community that would be later known as DCI.


What does a typical day look like?

Currently my thesis is disrupting my usual routine, but usually I start of my morning looking at my pinned telegram channels. The need to catch up with the crypto community is essential to me, because believe it or not, people have shared real gems in telegram chats. Filtering the gems from the shills isn’t that complicated if you do your due diligence on newfound projects.

A quick look at my Portfolio, followed by catching up on crypto-related news. I like to know the developments in blockchain globally. I do believe it is as groundbreaking as the internet was so the developments with regulations or adoption are always interesting to know.

During the rest of the day I just resume my regular daily activities, whilst occasionally reading telegram channels, news updates and such.


What’s your setup?

The apps I use when it comes to crypto are:

  • Delta – Visually appealing and well thought-out portfolio tracker
  • Binance – Currently the biggest exchange in the game
  • Discord – An app I mostly use to connect with DCI, where there are countless of useful theory, tips, discussion and signals
  • Telegram – There is no crypto community without telegram. You need Telegram, if you want to reap the gains, trust me.
  • Authy – Alternative to Google Authenticator, because it is less of an hassle with using multiple devices
  • Coinmarketcap – for quick looks at the marketReddit – to stay on top of the opinions on crypto reddit
  • Crypto Tracker Bot – Get real time notifications of new exchange listings
  • Nano Ledger S – it’s not an app, but a hardware wallet, and it is highly recommended.


Which project/coin do you believe in?

So three months into Crypto in February, I stumbled upon an ICO that had a peculiar way of running their tokensale. As I was on an ICO hunt and I had missed out on Arcblock I was desperate to find something with similar potential to me. The gaswars of the Arcblock tokensale had showcased one of annoyances in this field. But this new ICO took a different approach, eliminating gas wars with a simple smart contract. If the tokensale would reach its limit of 52,000 ETH, the excessive ETH would be proportionately distributed back to investors. Meaning whales that send 100 ETH to the tokensale smart contract would get 60 ETH refunded whilst smaller investors would send 1 ETH, and get 0.6 ETH refunded. I just liked the idea of everyone being able to participate in the token sale without being left out due to big players buying out a tokensale within minutes.

This ICO was Fusion, a project led by the visionary Dejun Qian, CEO of BitSE, the shareholders company responsible for the incubation of two well-known projects QTUM and VeChain. Fusion aims to be a public financial blockchain allowing various tokens to interoperate with each other and also realize cryptofinancial functions. With a focus on the financial industry such as derivatives, loans, mortgage and a team of skilled people including a Financial Intelligence team(people coming from Nasdaq, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Alpview Capital and more) as well as the Industry Adoption team launched in New York, I knew I was dealing with something big.

It is no surprise when I inform you Fusion has already secured 12b of financial assets that will be running on their public blockchain at mainnet launch. This team does not feed into hype or pay for huge listings, rather attention is spent on delivering a product that could ignite the era of the Internet of Values.

I have thoroughly read their whitepaper, and had a fair share of FUD (fear, uncertainty, desire) I had to digest before I was sure of investing. This made me a committed community member in their Telegram chat, as I was also there to answer questions and fend off FUD in a reasonable way. A practice that was recognized by the Fusion team, and my involvement with the project increased from that point on, moderating the community site, brainstorming community incentives, promoting the discussion of cryptofinance.

My crypto journey peaked thanks to Fusion, when I was invited to join the team at Consensus 2018 in New York, the biggest event in blockchain, to me a life changing experience, as I hadn’t even ever been to the USA before, and somehow crypto had made it possible. I had the opportunity to meet other involved community members and team members and just so many other people in the field. And it’s just the start, I will be also representing Fusion at their stand during Blockchain Summit in London at the 26th and 27th of June. More information on Fusion, their vision and roadmap on

Suddenly this past time hobby, started to change my life, not only financially, but also it opened new opportunities, which I took without hesitating. And all within 6 months, I think it is safe to say crypto turned my world upside down, and I am ready for all of it.

@Consensus with the Fusion team, I’m the guy to the left of the main man DJ Qian in the middle


 Any advice you want to give other crypto investors?

  1. Get a hardware wallet
  2. Join a solid crypto community. Don’t underestimate how valuable it can be to share knowledge with other enthusiasts or seek information. We can’t do everything by ourselves, a strong community with occasional events are the best, surrounding yourself with people in this same world will give you unique insights, and possibly open up doors you never even knew of. A great example of such an astounding community is DCI, Dutch Crypto Investors.
  3. Avoid pump and dump groups
  4. Avoid Twitter scams, no one will give away ETH
  5. Perform due diligence on projects you want to invest heavily on, there are too many scams, this can’t be stressed enough
  6. Pick your style, some people are daytraders, others solely focus on holding longer term coins, others solely focus on flipping the next ICO, others are into mining. There are many ways to get in this game, choose your desired style, and rock it, if you are doing all of these simultaneously, my hats off to you!
  7. Bitcoin Cash will never be Bitcoin
  8. Just take care, there are gains to be made, just remain cautious and apply common sense.

Anything you want to promote or plug?

Well, I will be doing more with music in the near future, as I can work out things now I couldn’t in the past, so if interested you can find me on “RonicBeatsz “ at Facebook and Youtube.