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Beoble is a groundbreaking shift in how we communicate in the Web3 world. Think of it as the Whatsapp of Web3, enabling wallet-to-wallet messaging and seamless integration into Dapps.

Born out of Beoble Labs, a team with pedigrees from Citadel to Meta, Beoble’s vision is clear — to pioneer chatting in Web3.

Beoble tackles significant challenges in Web3 messaging: enhancing user experience, ensuring privacy, and upholding top-tier security. It’s an all-encompassing solution — a decentralized, end-to-end-encrypted messaging ecosystem that’s user-friendly and secure.

How Beoble Functions

Operating on various EVM blockchains with expansion plans, Beoble is at the forefront of decentralized communication. The network ensures data security, combining decentralized and local device storage solutions.

Importantly, it uses a unique “Communication Delivery Graph” for private, efficient message delivery.

Security in Beoble is ironclad, thanks to its end-to-end encryption model. Leveraging Ethereum-based encryption, Beoble ensures that messages are only accessible to intended recipients. This, combined with innovative privacy settings, offers users unparalleled security and control over their interactions.

What Sets Beoble Apart?

Beoble is a feature-rich platform where users can share images, videos, and attachments.

Group chats? Absolutely — with no limits. Real-time messaging? Fast and seamless. But it’s more than that. Beoble is about earning rewards, token-gated privacy, and creating a vibrant community.

And the best part? Beoble introduces a unique concept of cat points, rewarding active participation.

Engage in the app, refer friends, or even own chatrooms — there are numerous ways to earn. These points aren’t just numbers; they’re your ticket to airdrops, premium features, and a stake in the Beoble ecosystem.

Get started with Beoble using the referral code: 895c92ec-f333–4f18-b4c0–54073f834ed8.

This one is unlimited!

Tokenomics: The $CAT Token

At the heart of Beoble’s economy is the $CAT token. This token powers transactions and plays a pivotal role in governance and operations.

The tokenomics of $CAT is thoughtfully designed, balancing investment, ecosystem expansion, team incentives, and community engagement.


Beoble represents a shift towards more secure, private, and user-centric communication in the crypto space. With its advanced features, commitment to security, and unique reward system, Beoble is setting a new standard for Web3 interactions.

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