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TAP Protocol

Bitcoin is starting a new chapter, thanks to TAP Protocol.
TAP is changing how we use Bitcoin. It’s making big steps in a new area called Ordinals Finance (OrdFi).

Let’s see what TAP is and why it’s exciting.

What is TAP?

TAP means “Tokenized Asset Protocol.” It’s a new kind of protocol that’s more than a standard token. TAP works without needing Layer 2 chains or complex stuff. It uses a method called “tapping.”

Its goal? To improve BRC-20 and stay free from central control. And it’s all guided by the community’s choices.

Why it matters

TAP is adding new things to Bitcoin. It focuses on OrdFi. This means new ways to do DeFi but using Ordinals. It lets other people create tokens their way. TAP can do lots of things. Like gaming, bridging tokens, swapping them, staking, and sending many tokens easily.

Its partnership with Bitmap underlines the protocol’s commitment to enabling creative development within the Metaverse, providing tools for creators to innovate and succeed. It also lets people trade tokens directly with each other. And there’s even more to come.

How TAP works

TAP has two parts: external and internal. The external part is just like BRC-20. This makes it easy for wallets and marketplaces to use TAP. The internal part is where the cool stuff is. Things like staking tokens, swapping them, and sending lots to people at once.

And $TRAC token holders get to decide what features TAP will have next.

Tokenomics: $TAP and its role

As of now, the $TAP token is not circulating, with a minted supply of 21 million tokens. It’s set to play a pivotal role in the TAP ecosystem, providing governance and voting rights for protocol upgrades and feature integrations.

The strategic direction of TAP is currently steered by Trac Systems, supported by a $4.2 million investment led by Sora Ventures.

Utilities and Use Cases: Expanding Bitcoin’s Capabilities
TAP introduces OrdFi features to Bitcoin, offering diverse applications like gaming, token bridging, swapping, staking, and more.

Final thoughts

TAP Protocol is reshaping Bitcoin development, offering new possibilities for enthusiasts and creators. It stands as a promising tool for developers, enhancing Bitcoin’s use in tokenization and DeFi.

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