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Outlanders introduces a new MMORPG era by combining open-world gaming with blockchain technology. Developed using Unity and WebGL, it’s designed to attract both traditional gamers and those new to blockchain gaming.

Game Overview and Technology

MMORPGs have a rich history, evolving from niche tech experiments to global phenomena with millions of users. Outlanders continues this legacy by leveraging blockchain to enhance player engagement and rewards.

Blockchain technology in MMORPGs like Outlanders can transform gaming economies, offering player ownership and earning potential. Outlanders is uniquely positioned as an open-world MMORPG on the blockchain, accessible to crypto-native and traditional gamers.

In Outlanders, there’s no set beginning or end. Players can start at any stage, completing tasks in any order to score points, offering a truly open-world experience.

Players can also engage in battles against monsters and other creatures for territorial supremacy. With a low entry barrier, all players start with the same equipment, increasing their value through missions and combat.

A closed economy within the game allows users to trade assets on the official marketplace. Periodic contests and events boost community involvement and reward top players.

The game environment is built with Unity and WebGL, offering stunning graphics and a real-time experience across platforms. The focus on browser-based gaming ensures immediate accessibility.

Outlanders integrates blockchain through the BNB Chain, which is known for its robust network and low transaction fees. This integration aims to attract millions of users to the game.


The game features a total supply of 2 billion tokens, with allocations for sales, rewards, marketing, operational reserves, and team contributions.

The distribution plan ensures balanced and sustainable growth for the game’s ecosystem.

Dual Token Functionality: $LAND and $NAKA

  • Native LAND Tokens: $LAND tokens serve as the in-game currency. Players earn $LAND from gameplay, which is used to buy and sell assets. It’s also required for governance votes within the game.
  • NAKA Token Integration: $NAKA tokens unlock additional earning opportunities. They’re used to purchase game tickets and participate in weekly prize pools, enhancing the earning potential for players.


Outlanders represent the future of MMORPGs, where gaming meets blockchain technology, offering players entertainment and economic benefits.

Outlanders is set to become a trailblazer in the Open-World MMORPG space, combining blockchain functionalities with immersive gaming. Its novel approach is geared towards attracting both crypto and traditional gamers.

Stay tuned for more developments as Outlanders paves the way for a new chapter in online gaming.

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