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BloodLoop marks a new era in the gaming world as the first 5v5 Hero-Shooter that leverages blockchain to enhance the gaming experience without alienating non-crypto-native users. Utilizing a custom blockchain based on Avalanche Subnets, the game focuses on seamless user experiences and engaging gameplay.

At its core, BloodLoop is about fun, strategy, and value. Developers design the game to captivate gamers with unique gameplay dynamics and an economic system that rewards time and skills. Whether it’s team-based strategic battles, all-out combat, or competitive matches, BloodLoop offers diverse gaming experiences.

What’s the Game Like?

BloodLoop is an adrenaline-fueled 5v5 Hero Shooter that combines fast-paced third-person shooter action with unique hero abilities, encouraging a variety of playstyles and strategies.

BloodLoop immerses players in a world where three factions battle for dominance in a dystopian future. The game introduces the concept of the BloodLoop — a virtual battleground where heroes fight, manipulating time and gravity.

This narrative backdrop sets the stage for intense and strategic battles among the heroes representing these factions.


In BloodLoop, each hero has three unique abilities, including a powerful ultimate.

The key to success lies in mastering these abilities and understanding how they synergize with other heroes. The initial roster includes 12 characters, each contributing to the game’s strategic depth.


  • Primary Game Mode — Energy War: The main attraction in BloodLoop is the Energy War mode, a strategic 5vs5 match where teams vie for control of Stable Exotic Matter. The objective is to escort a player carrying Exotic Energy to a Loading Area for transferring to a BLD-EM Machine. This mode emphasizes team cooperation and strategy, protecting and escorting the player holding the crucial Exotic Energy.
  • Additional Modes — Deathmatch and Free-for-All: Besides the main Energy War mode, BloodLoop offers additional game modes like deathmatch and free-for-all. These provide a more casual gameplay experience where players can enjoy fast-paced, action-packed battles without the strategic depth of the primary mode.

Blockchain Approach

BloodLoop’s unique blockchain approach focuses on enhancing the gaming experience while addressing common friction points in blockchain-based games. It emphasizes true ownership of in-game items, responding to players’ desire for legitimate and secure asset control.

Utilizing an Avalanche Subnet, BloodLoop has advanced its blockchain capabilities, including rewriting the Ethereum Virtual Machine within the chain. This innovation has led to the introducing of a gas-fee whitelisting feature, effectively removing transaction costs for players and ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

NFT and Crafting

BloodLoop introduces an innovative NFT system centered around crafting. Players can acquire skins through purchasing or crafting, using materials earned in matches.

The crafting process involves fees paid in tokens, with the game’s battle pass offering free crafting tokens for progression. This system adds a strategic layer to BloodLoop, where players must manage resources and craft limited skins, enhancing the game’s economic and strategic depth.

Final Thoughts

BloodLoop’s roadmap spans from the closed beta release in Q4 2023 to the full game launch in Q1 2025. Key milestones include community building, early access, major updates with new game modes and characters, and worldwide tournaments.

DCI expert researchers have analyzed BloodLoop, and they are a great GameFi project for 2024/2025, offering a rich blend of innovative gameplay, blockchain integration, and community-driven development. It’s not just a game; it’s a new frontier in the gaming industry, setting new standards for player engagement and blockchain implementation. Stay tuned for more updates, and join the BloodLoop journey as it redefines the future of gaming.

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